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Kirsty Viljoen is a self taught South African makeup artist with not just a gorgeous face but a humble persona that makes us want to be best friends with her. We discovered her seriously 'LIT' make up looks on Instagram and could not resist sharing her beauty and advice on our blog.

Tell us about your makeup journey?


I fell in love with makeup at a very young age. I can remember watching my mom do her makeup and being in absolute awe. My interest grew into a passion from about the age of 15 when I was able to start playing with makeup on myself.

It was then that I started watching Youtube artists such as Kandy Johnson, Jaclyn Hill and Desi Perkins. I would mimic their videos and began understanding my facial features and the makeup techniques that suited them.

I enjoyed trying out products that I saw celebrities using as well as following trends that magazines spoke of. Since then my makeup collection has grown and so my interest in sharing my thoughts and experiences with different companies, products and techniques.

My true passion is in sharing my opinions, teaching fellow babes my makeup tips and inspiring others with the looks I create.


What inspires your makeup?

I am inspired by a number of influences.

I enjoy watching Youtube artists and following the looks they create, my favourite at the moment being Iluvsarahi, Lolaliner, Desi Perkins and Jaclyn Hill. Snap chat and Instagram stories have made it easier to keep up to date with products, the latest trends and looks which are being worn day to day.
Makeup artists who post their looks to their Instagram are also a big inspiration.
Pinterest is another platform where I am able to pin looks to play with at a later stage.
Products also inspire me such as a colour palette. For example when I bought the NYX ultimate brights palette the colour range brought many ideas of different looks to mind.
What does being a ‘Goddess’ mean to you?

To me a Goddess would be a woman with a beautiful soul. It doesn’t matter how well you dress or the makeup you wear, if your soul isn’t beautiful it will reflect outwardly in the way you carry yourself and treat others.


What motivates you to get up in the morning?

I am motivated by the fact that I was put on this Earth purposely by God. Each morning I wake up determined to bring light into the lives of the people who cross my path.



What are your top 3 beauty essentials?

 This is difficult for me because I ADORE all my products. But, if I have to choose- A brow gel liner, because no one in 2017 wants to see a bare brow. A gel liner gives you the option of creating natural hair like strokes or to go bold with an exaggerated arch.

A hydrating foundation, because if you find the right one you can achieve an all-round glow without needing to add highlighter. And lastly a liquid matte red lip because it goes perfectly on glowing skin with bold brows.



Why is it important to feel empowered as a young woman?

 The feeling of empowerment encourages woman to speak their mind, create change and positively encourage another who needs a boost in their undiscovered confidence. This is so important to me because if girls came together we could be an unstoppable force which this world so deeply needs. I strongly believe the future is female!





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